Working Papers

Climate Change, International Migration, and Interstate Conflict“, Cattaneo, C and Foreman, T. CReAM Discussion Paper.

The Effect of Dust Storms on Child Health in West Africa“, Foreman, T. CDEP-CGEG Working Paper.

The Effects of Dust Storms on Economic Development“, Foreman, T.

Environmental Shocks and the Decision to Migrate“, Foreman, T.

Book Chapters and Reports

Raymond, C., Foreman, T., King, A., Kornhuber, K., Lesk, C., Mora, C., Perkins-Kirkpatrick, S., Russo, S., and Vijverberg, S. (2018). Projections and hazards of future extreme heat. In Planning for Climate Change Hazards. Oxford University Press.

The Impacts of Climate Change on Coffee: Trouble Brewing” Sachs, J., Rising, J., Foreman, T., Simmons, J., and Brahm, M. 2015.

Selected Work in Progress

“Predicting Areas of Agricultural Expansion” (working paper available upon request)

“Human Productivity in a Warmer World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Workforce” with Michael Greenstone, Ashwin Rode, Amir Jina, Solomon Hsiang, Tamma Carleton, Andy Hultgren, Matthew Pecenco, Rachel Baker, Anthony D’Agostino

“Flooding and the financial system: The role of the mortgage market” with Ana Varela and Jason Wong

“Glass Ceilings for Women in Academia: Evidence from an Elite Association in Economics” with Stephanie Lackner